The Second meeting of our project was held in Zagrep/Croatia

Within the framework of Erasmus + Strategic Partnership School Education Program 2016-1-TR01-KA219-034185_1, which was accepted as "Fearless Child Makes A Cheerful Child" in 2016, the  second meeting of the project "On defeating school fear in preschool education" was held in Zagrep, Croatia

In this meeting we examined the pre-school education system in Croatia and the activities to be carried out for the project.

Our Visit of Project Prevalence

We visited our Director of National Education, our District Governor and the Mayor as a project group to explain the content of our project and ensure the dissemination of our project.

The first meeting of our project

The first meeting of the Accepted Erasmus + Projemiz will be held in France

Within the scope of the project "2016-1-TR01-KA219-034185_1" under the name of "Fearless Child Makesa Cheerful Child" accepted in 2016 within the scope of Erasmus + Strategic Partnership School Education Program of Manisa Turgutlu province Şadi Turgutlu secondary school teachers.